my new best friend
so i breed thicker skin and let my lustrous coat fill in and i'll never admit that i loved you...

grad school


of course the day after i get an acceptance letter from UB i also get a job offer from an old colleague in california.

i'm not good with having more than one option in front of me, but goddamn is it nice to feel wanted!

now to research financial aid...



i have no business complaining, since i chose the job and decided on the line of work, but goddamn is 12.5 hours a long time to be standing and slinging alcoholic beverages. i made good money, but am looking forward to finding a better way to do it. that doesn't involve sitting behind a desk.

because i refuse to sit behind a desk. ever.

well, a desk in a cube/office with a computer directly in front of me. behind a desk in front of a classroom full of faces is another story.

but of course ubuffalo hasn't gotten back to me yet. yikes.

i'm beat. it takes me all day to recover from working until 3am, and i'm doing it again tonight. and tomorrow night. it's taking a toll on my immune system, as i've contracted my second cold in two weeks. so after i get off work on thursday night (3am friday morning) i plan on entering a three-day coma.

p.s. i'm giving blogger's mobile photo automatic posting thingy a try. i can't guarantee great pictures, but if you'd like to check it out: mophotos.blogspot.com