my new best friend
so i breed thicker skin and let my lustrous coat fill in and i'll never admit that i loved you...

what's up


sometimes i think about going to med school and it feels so right but then i think about how much work it would take and it exhausts me to the point of considering dropping the two undergrad educational courses i'm taking now.

things to do and things done


things i have to do tomorrow:
pick up my laundry
renew my license
fill out shitloads of paperwork regarding a car accident from a year ago
fill out more shitloads regarding the settlement from my insurance company
firm up plans for the dc4c/i have good karma event on saturday
study for the GRE, which is on monday and for which i registered yesterday
prepare a presentation on INFORMATION PROCESSING for ed psych
catch up on about 300 pages of boring text in two different books
study for a midterm that takes place minutes after the GRE is done
grab a beer with some people just because
make the bed

what i did today:
put one grass skirt around my waist
put another grass skirt around my chest
danced like the gopher in "caddyshack"

as you can see, time management is not my strong suit.



so the death cab show was sold out, which on one hand made me glad that people care because last year around this time i had no problem getting tickets and then on the other hand pissed me off because i really wanted to go and i really wanted to bring the boy. as a last ditch, i email K because even though i barely know her, i hooked her up once and she knows people at the radio station. she gets back to me, "i would love to get you tickets, but it turns out they oversold the show and the station couldn't even get tickets. but if you want, you can come with me a few hours before the show when they play an intimate acoustical set for about 50 people. you interested?"


i'm so interested i think i'm gonna wet myself.



-i just watched a replay of "commander in chief" and it makes me wonder whether introducing the idea of a female president in the entertainment arena will make it seem like not such a big deal in real life. art becomes life. or, more likely, now that it's interrupted by commercials every 8 minutes or so, i'm more comfortable with it.

-though i don't own one, i'm a huge fan of the ipod. i'm also a huge fan of the internet, and mp3s, and technological advances in general. what i'm not a fan of is how we're progressively creating this reality where one should not feel comfortable just walking down the street anymore. we can't sit and absorb our environment; we have to be plugged in at all times. be it the cell or the player or the laptop, no one just BEs anymore. i don't think i like it.

-i've said it before, but i'm discovering more and more what my political leanings are: who gives a fuck? this doesn't universally apply, but for things like gay marriage i say "who gives a fuck?" if it doesn't affect your life in any way, why do you care to create a law barring it? fuck it. you'll be better for it.

-the weather guy on channel 6 just told me to run outside and check out how close mars is getting to the earth. so i'm gonna do that. i love that shit.