my new best friend
so i breed thicker skin and let my lustrous coat fill in and i'll never admit that i loved you...



the weather finally broke. it'd been 90ish with near 100% humidity for about a week. no A/C. my fan broke and i had to go to four different stores to find one. big demand, those fans.

going to a corned beef and rye lunch today. one of my better regulars just got himself a bartending job, so once a week i return the favor of his enormous tips and bug him while he's behind a bar. it's become a weekly ritual.

turns out i like rituals, to an extent. i do like spontanaity...spontanaeity...spontaneousness...but i like having a few rituals to rely on. given too much free time, i tend to fall into funks, so it's good for me to set up these planned moments. like how fridays are spent running errands. in a specific order. by a specific time.

tomorrow i will meet with the english chair at rhode island college to discuss professional paths. if anyone knows what the hell a RITE program is, fill me in. also, any advice regarding financial aid and loans would be appreciated, too. this is all very new to me. but i'm excited to get a new career going. everytime i think of teaching high school, i get excited and want to start NOW.

for now, though, i get ready for the day and go to lunch and then to the bar. to have the same conversations with the same people for the third day in a row. hopefully the tips will be better today.

also, i miss california. almost painfully so. my love seems to be interested in pursuing new jobs out west, but i don't know if i can follow someone to cali again. i feel like i need to revisit the west on my own terms. anyway...